Our Pub
Tucked away behind Ramsgate’s Eastcliff, The Monty is a true, old fashioned backstreet pub that has been serving the local community for many generations. A 20 ft mahogany bar top dominates the Public Bar area (don’t be put off – the conversation at the bar will be interesting, often informative, and always friendly) and extends into the carpeted Saloon, sharing this space with a tabled area (the tables are 70s retro chic, but they have been here since the 70s). The Ladies Darts Team dominates here on a Thursday evening – they’re a raucous bunch, providing much entertainment, and have also been here since the 70’s.

The Snug sits at the back, behind the back bar, and is perfect for those board meetings. Follow the corridors round and you’ll find the games room at the back of the property, complete with a free to play bar billiards table.

The Monty operates on limited opening hours and has a distinct rhythm to the week depending upon the day & time. It’s up to you to discover what that is, but I will let you know that Sunday Lunchtime is a bit special, and a more than a little busy.
We don’t dance much, and we only sing late Sunday Lunchtime. We only do sport on a Saturday afternoon and we almost never do food. We have no fruit machines and we sell no flavoured vodka. But we’re friendly, we talk, we laugh and we drink great beer together. 

Our Beers

Gadds' No 7 3.8%    Our most popular session ale

Key keg

Gadds' No 11            1.2%
Burning Sky Arise     4.5%

Stowford Press   4.5%
Biddenden's       8%


Gadds' No 3, No 5, Green Hop, Ship of Fools, Dogbolter


WiFi available




1 Trinity Place
CT11 7HJ

Opening Hours

Mon              17:30-22:00

Tue  12:00-15:00 17:30-22:00

Wed  12:00-15:00 17:30-22:00

Thu  12:00-15:00 17:30-22:00

Fri  12:00-22:00

Sat  12:00-22:00

Sun  12:00-15:00 19:00-22:00

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